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About This Website

Welcome to the Live Test of our revised Website!

Thank you for coming to look at this work in progress. This website is fully functional in all respects and you can sign up place orders and have them fulfilled with the same speed and efficiency you have come to expect from Wilkinsons Of Norwich. Anticipating some questions from visitors I hope I have some relevant information for you below:

Why the new website?

During the recent Lockdown caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic several shortcomings in our current (Original) website were brought to light. So the decision was taken to undertake a complete revision and rebuild, to avoid these issues, and modernise in general.

Why the change in Look and layout?

We are keenly aware that this revision must look different and function in a different and more modern way.

However this presents the potential problem to be confusing or unsettling to existing customers. So this site will remain alongside the original for a time while we gather feedback and where possible make adjustments to make the site familiar in any way possible to the original; while maintaining its improved functionality for more modern devices and internet protocols.

Why the different Web Address?

Because we wished the site to run in parallel with the original for a time it seemed easier to set it up on ths secondary domain we own while on Live test and move it across to the more familiar “.COM” at a later point.

Will I have to re register all my details?

In some cases yes, and we are sorry for that inconvenience! One of the things not working correctly on our original site is the customer database export. Forcing any customer details to be hand copied across.

To apologise for that anyone that orders from here is invited to use the Coupon Code “newfeedback” at checkout to receive an immediate 10% off your first Order through this website.

What else is going to change here?

Well cosmetic things like individualised pictures will all need to be added back in time. But these do not change the functionality of the site. Added planed features under development include the ability to buy Gift Vouchers, set up standing regular orders and various other things. Which we hope will include suggestions from our valued customers!

Can I find out more information?

Yes of course we would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Please in such cases use the contact form on this website