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1 Goods description

1.1 Tea

Unless otherwise stated in the items description, all Tea products sold by Wilkinson’s of Norwich are loose leaf tea, or said tea packaged in Teabags, made up to our own recipes. Teas labelled as being of a single country of origin are simply that to the best of our intent and knowledge. House blends are made to our own exacting standards from multiple single origin teas, the recipe thereof; being retained as our copyrighted blend

1.2 Coffee

All coffees sold though Wilkinson’s are roasted in the UK by our staff. Generally no coffee will be more than two weeks old at the time of sale from the point at which it was first roasted. To the best of our knowledge and intent, all coffees are labelled accurately as to their point of origin. House blends may contain coffees from more than one geographic region, and the recipe thereof remains the sole property of Wilkinson’s of Norwich

Decaffeinated coffee marked as “Natural” process has not had any chemicals used on o it during the decaffeination process. Decaff not listed as Natural may include chemically processed beans, though as a general rule we try to keep this to a minimum even then.

1.3 Machinery and equipment.

All electrical machinery sold from Wilkinson’s is designed for UK voltages and electrical tolerances unless specifically stated otherwise. Country of origin varies from machine to machine or indeed from item to item, exact details will be forwarded on request on a case by case basis if necessary.

2 Contact information

General enquiries can be made by telephone in person or by e mail at the following;-

Shop Telephone (01603) 625 121

Warehouse Telephone (01603) 404 800

Shop address 5 Lobster Lane Norwich NR2 1DQ (Hours Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm)

E mail (Web master) Giles@wilkinsonsofnorwich.com

We will endeavour to respond immediately to any inquiry or request for information, and pledge to do so within a maximum of two working days from receipt of your inquiry.

3 Returns and refunds

In the unlikely event of you being dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us on one of the above ways. Where appropriate send the unsatisfactory product back to us, stating in writing your reason for return.

In the case of machinery all equipment will be covered by the Manufacturer’s standard one years warranty common to all electrical goods, and we will replace faulty goods with an equivalent model, provided we are satisfied that the item has not failed due to misuse or abuse of its functionality.

In cases where a food product (tea or coffee or other) is returned, we will issue you with a credit of equal value. Including postage costs upto (but not exceeding) the cost to ourselves when it was originally dispatched, if the food product is unopened and can be seen to be of an incorrect type or description to your original order.

Be advised that if a product is opened and found not to your taste, Wilkinsons will accept no liability to refund or replace it.

If you should decide to cancel your order a credit can only be issued if the order has not yet been dispatched. We aim to have all goods in the post or sent out by courier within 48 hours of receipt of your order. If it is proved to our satisfaction that the good were ordered fraudulently, supposedly on your behalf, we may at our discretion cancel the order as a gesture of good will

4 Country of merchant Domicile & Currency statement

Wilkinson’s of Norwich and its Wholesale subsidiary is based in and trades from the United Kingdom. We certify that the web site(s) “wilkinsonsofnorwich.com, co.uk & .info” is the web site belonging to the business based in Lobster Lane, Norwich as detailed above, to the best of our knowledge any item listed for sale on this web site may be purchased in person at the said high street shop, subject to daily availability of freshly roasted coffees etc. All prices shown on this site are listed in pounds sterling, the customer must ensure they are using an internationally recognised payment system (such as a major credit card) that will render payments to us in Pounds sterling. We will not accept cash payments sent through the postal system, Cash or credit may be happily exchanged on site at Wilkinson’s shop in Lobster Lane however!

5 Export Restrictions

In the event of a mail order having a destination outside the UK we will endeavour to send the goods in the most cost effective manner. Customers outside the UK may well expect an additional delay in their order. Please be aware that orders in excess of two Kilo’s GROSS weight will incur a higher carriage cost, which must be borne by the purchaser. We will attempt to confirm a final order price with you in such cases before the order is processed wherever possible. To the best of our knowledge no goods sold by this company are under any sort of international restriction or ban.

6 Privacy statement

Wilkinson’s of Norwich will keep on file your ordering details including place of delivery and E-mail address (where supplied) purely for our own records, and to expedite your orders delivery. We will not without your consent share any information with a third party whatsoever, unless directed to do so by members of Her Majesties Police services, and similar governmental bodies.

6.1 Use of Cookies on this website.

  • We may also store information about you using cookies (files which are sent by us to  by your computer or other access device) which our website can access when you revisit it. 
  • We do this to allow us to record your selections prior to purchase in the shopping  basket of the web store, as well as to determine how many visitors our web pages are getting. This is for the purpose of constantly improving our web sites content and acessability.
  • If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, please refer to the  instructions for your file management software to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Our cookies will have the file name “http://www.wilkinsonsofnorwich.com/” or .co.uk or .info as appropriate to the site.
  • Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at www.AboutCookies.org. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

7 Order procedure

Upon being notified of your order having been paid via credit card or bank transfer etc. We will assemble, process (including grinding of coffee where stated) the items thereof package and dispatch within 48 hours, and usually less where the order is small in size. Our systems will send you a confirmation of order received e mail directly when the bank authorises it. Although these things are usually quick, we do not guarantee that this e mail will arrive with you instantly, being subject to the vagaries of the Internet.

Be aware that some Spam filtering software (either yours or your ISP’s ) can interfere with these sort of automated responses, something we cannot be held responsible for at Wilkinson’s.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and reflect a small discount for ordering via the internet. Customers ordering over five pounds in weight of goods regularly are encouraged to inquire about a personalised (trade) account.

8 Stock Limitations

At Wilkinson’s we try to roast coffee frequently in smaller quantities to ensure freshness. Thus it may be that your order may be delayed 24 hours while new stock is roasted, to accommodate your order. Should you be unlucky and your choice of goods be temporarily or seasonally out of stock, we will e-mail you with any estimate of its restocking.

We will where possible suggest a likely alternate to your choice, where one exists, and or offer a refund of the out of stock items price. If time is of the essence please state that in your order along with any secondary choice of product in the unlikely event of your first choice being delayed in a stock queue as described above.

9 Security of Online purchases.

Our online shop purchasing system is handled through either Pay Pal or Stripe UK and has the full weight of those companies extensive, experience in secure payments systems across the Internet.

We recommend that all and any payments made with us be hard copied during the procedure for your added security and in the unlikely event of needing to confirm parts of the transaction

10 Trademarks and Copyright

Wilkinson’s of Norwich and its web site of the same name, and all image ware derived from this business is copyright to Wilkinsons and may not be made use of without our written consent.

Wilkinson’s of Norwich acknowledges the copyright of every third party company mentioned upon this site especially in regards to manufactures of coffee making brewing equipment.

The logos and image ware of other companies used here are copyright to their respective owners. The Fairtrade mark is copyright to the Fairtrade foundation. The Speciality coffee association of Europe’s logo (of which we are proud to be identified as a member) remains their copyright.


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