Tea and Coffee Merchants

Order Notifications news

Order Notifications news We have had a few customers say that they have not gotten the automated Order placed and dispatched emails from this site. After some investigation in 95% of these reported cases they have all shared a common factor. They all used Gmail as thier email provider. A further test with my personal Gmail discovered the Automated emails tucked a [...]

1000th Order

Simply had to say thank you to all those that have “jumped in” and ordered from this revised website. We passed our 1000th new order just the other day! Thank you all! In other news, stand by we intend to try and bring back a feature from the old site that has been missed by some: All the product sin a section on one page wher [...]

As green as can be

Had a lovely lady ask the other day about our “Eco” bags, despite the sickness all around us its was good to see that folks are still concerned for the envioroment and it occured to me that this info might not (yet) be as clear as it should be! Packaging is always a tricky subject for food products of course. The line has to b [...]

Where’s the Basket?

As I said previously, it’s a challenge to have a website that can swap its look and feel depending on the device used to view it. In industry terms this is called a “Responsive” website. I prefer to think of the term “Responsive” as how Wilkinson’s has always tried to be towards its customers. I had a r [...]

Valuable feedback

Today I’d like to mention the contribution of a Mr Johnson who spotted a slight anomaly on the payment basket on his iPhone.With any modern site the ability for it to display clearly and speedily on the variety of modern smart devices we have these days is very important. What might be well less know is in some cases to do this a se [...]

Special thanks so far

So many people are being so very kind with their feedback on this site I think I shall field test this feature by expressing my thanks for all to see to those that have helped make the site better with their suggestions. Today may I go on record as thanking Mrs Laine Jäderberg MA  and Mr Ken Groves for taking the time to provide detailed [...]

Its an ill wind

Well this horrid Covid – 19 business has ramped up the interest in the online side of things here at Wilkinsons. This iteration of the website is the result of feedback from customer from the last few months of lockdown plus the fact that our present Payment gateway providers (Won’t Pay sorry I mean World Pay) have been regula [...]

Tea for the Troops

Tea for the Troops In early 2019 we were pleased to be contacted by the Norfolk club, about a special package they were putting together for the troops of the Royal Anglian Regiment. The club had contacted just a select few local businesses to supply small items of food and personal toiletries. In the hope they could bring a bit of the comforts of home to [...]

If at first you don’t succeed.

Annoyingly the nice graphic based backgrounds I wanted to use were clashing with the payment/shopping cart code. So for now while I try and fix the bugs I’ll switch the site to something plainer while the structure of the site is still under work.