Tea and Coffee Merchants

China Tea Subtypes

Black Leaf

Leaves allowed to ferment then dried, allowing a fuller flavour to develop. The “traditional” type of tea leaf that most folks here in England expect to see.

Green teas

The leaf is unfermented, dried within hours of harvesting, at times pan-fired and hand rolled. Their delicate taste should never be served with milk.

Semi Fermented

Oolong Teas that are pan fired after a short fermentation resulting in an unusual flavour. Can be very slightly earthy yet extremely mellow and as green teas, adding milk would destroy their flavour.

White Teas

Made from young leaves and buds that are steamed and dried. The leaves are covered in a soft layer of silvery hairs, their flavour is so very delicate and special. When brewing white tea, let the kettle boil, leave to stand about 1 minute before pouring onto the dry leaf, as boiling water tends to scorch the exquisite tea.

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