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We have had a few customers say that they have not gotten the automated Order placed and dispatched emails from this site.

After some investigation in 95% of these reported cases they have all shared a common factor. They all used Gmail as thier email provider. A further test with my personal Gmail discovered the Automated emails tucked away on the Gmails webserver flagged as “Spam” !

Now Gmail (and possibly some other providers) pre filter things before they send email to you devices and email client programs on your computers. The only way you can see these emails and (please!) uncheck them as spam is if you log into your Gmail via web browser and mark them as safe there.

Wilkinson’s cannot influence big companies like Gmail to allow these emails through but if enough of our customer’s that experience this unflag them as spam that in itself will influence Gmail to the point they no longer automatically stop these emails from us.

How it appeared in my inbox

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