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From the dry dusty plains of Ethiopia to the lofty heights of the Colombian Andes, we select and roast the finest coffee.

A coffee bean is like a time capsule, once roasted it starts to deteriorate; its vital and delicate, volatile oils  begin to evaporate. This is why a truly delicious cup of coffee depends on freshly roasted beans. We at Wilkinson’s understand the coffee bean and roast coffee daily on one of our three roasters.  Wilkinson’s of Norwich never stockpiles roasted coffee beans. We make it our mission to ensure what you receive is always fresh!

The varied characteristics of the coffee bean are a direct result of the geographical conditions under which the coffee plants are grown; soil, altitude, and climate all play an important part in the flavour of the coffee bean.  For example the rich volcanic soil of the Javan islands imparts an earthiness to the coffee bean which translates nicely to the cup of brewed coffee, while the humid conditions of India  serve to bring a spicy taste to the high quality beans grown in and around the Mysore region.  Wilkinson’s urges you to take a world tour of our fine coffees for a truly unforgettable experience.

There are two main types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are considered the very best .  Their superior flavour and aroma dictate that Wilkinson’s present only this type of coffee bean in all of our single origin coffees.   Robusta coffee beans are used to a lesser extent, and usually only in coffee blends. The caffeine rich and earthy flavour adds a wonderful kick to the higher roast coffees like espresso.

We invite you to explore our list of varied coffee flavours and strengths. Keep a look out for future coffee additions. There is an abundance of coffee beans out there and at some time we want to try them all and we hope you will join us.

Wilkinson’s is happy to supply your preferred coffee selection as whole beans, pre ground or even as raw green beans for those who would like to experiment with home roasting. Roasted coffees are supplied in one way valve packages to preserve maximum freshness.

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