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Wilkinson’s Coffee Blends

Coffee Blends allow the roaster to flourish, using his expertise to bring far flung beans into a wonderful marriage of complementary flavours and aromas. A signature coffee blend or roast is the hallmark of a dedicated roaster. Making a good coffee blend is something every roaster desires and Wilkinson’s of Norwich is no exception. Try one of our exceptional blends today!

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Blue Mountain Blend
Blue Mountain Blend is probably Wilkinson’s most popular and well loved blend. Created from Central and South American beans with a dash of a sharper African bean this coffee displays a smooth and bright flavour with nutty overtones. This medium roast coffee is a great all around brew.
Amsterdam Blend
A great twist on the original "Dutch blend" a really great tasting smooth cup of coffee with a little kick behind it.
Madness Blend
Wilkinson’s Madness coffee got its name from a comment by our founder, Mr. Ron Wilkinson, who said he went nearly mad trying to duplicate a customer’s sample coffee.   The result of his “madness” proved surprisingly popular and we still offer Wilkinson’s Madness Blend as a lasting tribute to our dedicated founder.
Imperial Viennese
A recreation of a classic mid European style coffee which marries ground  coffee and roasted ground dried figs.  Sold only ground.
Mayfair Espresso Blend
Wilkinson's Mayfair Espresso is one of our fine espresso blends that is at home with many brewing techniques. Using African and Indian beans Wilkinson's Mayfair Espresso achieves a cup of coffee that is strong in flavour with subtle spicy notes. Try Mayfair Espresso blend with a little cream or a dash of your favourite whisky!