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Espresso Style Coffee

Espresso! A famous Italian style coffee known the world over as that small cup of hot, thick and gutsy brew with an after shock of caffeine. This traditional style of coffee is med-high roasted and ground fine for steam preparation.  Espresso coffee blends contain Aribica beans with a fist full of Robustas thrown in to give it punch and wonderful crema.

Wilkinson’s carries a wide range of espresso style coffee.  Each espresso blend is different; varying in strength and flavour.  If espresso is your favourite cuppa we recommend you try them all to determine the blend most suited to your palate.

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Medici Espresso Blend
Wilkinson’s Medici Espresso Blend contains carefully chosen coffee beans from the world’s top coffee producing regions. This sophisticated combination of beans is roasted together to produce a single distinct character. It is this character that allows this espresso blend, with the addition of milk, to convert to the perfect Cappuccino.
Bella Napoli Espresso Blend
Bella Napoli A true taste of italia! These rich and flavoursome central American beans yield a little bit of bite with a smooth crema. Indeed a wonderful coffee to kick-start  your day! Mama-mia!.
Natural Water Decaffeinated
Wilkinson's Natural Water Decaffeinated Coffee is a special coffee indeed. We have chosen this bean from the Kenyan estates. We roast the beans slightly higher than medium, almost an espresso roast, making it suitable for use in an espresso machine. This also further decaffeinates the coffee, making it perfect for those wanting to avoid caffeine and enjoy a full coffee flavour.
Verona Espresso Blend
Verona Espresso A complex blend roasted for a traditional Italian espresso style cup, this coffee yields both smooth and intense richness.
Mayfair Espresso Blend
Wilkinson's Mayfair Espresso is one of our fine espresso blends that is at home with many brewing techniques. Using African and Indian beans Wilkinson's Mayfair Espresso achieves a cup of coffee that is strong in flavour with subtle spicy notes. Try Mayfair Espresso blend with a little cream or a dash of your favourite whisky!