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Java & Sumatran Coffee

The Java and Sumatran area of the world is called the ‘island region’ of Southeast Asia; located south of China, east of India and north of Australia. The coffee plant is not native to this region, with the Dutch being generally credited for first planting coffee on the island of Sumatra in the late 17th century.

While this collection of islands is classified as a coffee growing region the only thing each type of coffee has in common is the rich volcanic soil. Each island possesses a plethora of micro-climates which results in the production of unique coffee flavors. Not only does coffee flavor and texture differ from island to island but you will find differences in coffee flavor among the beans grown on the same island.

Wilkinson’s suggest you try each one of these unique coffees, from the heavy cave matured Javas, the spicy Sumatras and down to the light and delicate New Guinea for an exotic island experience.

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Sumatra Mandheling (Rainforest Alliance)
This Indonesian arabica bean is full of complex flavours. Earthy and intense, some say chocolate, liquorice and spice. A connoisseurs coffee that's full of individuality and uniqueness. Makes a great after dinner cafetire and served with cream!
Papua New Guinea (Fairly Traded)
A sweet medium to full flavoured coffee.  New Guinea has delicate chocolate overtones with a bright acidity and a smooth finish.
Old Brown Java
Old Brown Java coffee is often labeled ‘Xtreme’, its complex combination of punchy, earthy and musty flavours combine to offer a taste unique in the coffee world. In fact the word Java has become synonymous with coffee in some countries. To be granted the title of Old Brown Java the coffee must be stored in a cave for a minimum of ten years. Old Brown Java may not be for every one, however if you enjoy a bold and earthy coffee then this is the cup