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South American Coffee

South America is the largest coffee producing region in the world with many of its countries wholly dependent on coffee production and export. And thus it is no surprise that it is South American coffee that is found in most daily cuppa’s. Colombian coffee is probably the most well known amongst consumers for the Arabica coffee bean while Brazil leads the pack in production of the Robusta bean. While the coffee plant is not native to South America it has certainly thrived and in the case of Colombian coffee has become the unofficial standard by which all coffees are judged.

We at Wilkinson’s have carefully chosen our selection of South American coffees to reflect the very best this growing region has to offer.

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Colombia – Campo Bomba (Fairly Traded – Exclusive)
EXCLUSIVE TO WILKINSON'S Wilkinsons is pleased to support our third direct trade coffee sourced from a selected smallholding in Colombia. This excellent Colombian coffee is grown by Luis Fernando on his family smallholding (El Lantino) of some 5.5 hectares in the Cauca region of the country. Grown at some 1650 meters and carefully wet processed this is an exceptional coffee with bright notes of Almond and creamy caramel in its flavour.
Peru Tapir Andino ( Fairly Traded & Orgnically grown)
We sourced this coffee from the San Ignacio province in Northern Peru, a protected natural area of the Andes where spectacled bears, Jaguars, Tapirs and the wonderfully named: Cock-of-the-rocks, (the Peruvian National bird) all roam. Small Micro climates produce this fantastic coffee at altitudes from 4,500 - 6,000 feet, this superb coffee has notes of creamy chocolate and sugar cane. What a cup for the connoisseur!