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Assam teas from the more southerly provinces of India generally produce a strong flavoured tea. Often blended, but the selection of Assam teas here are each worthy of trying by there own considerable merits!

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Assam Special Leaf S.T.G.F.O.P.1 – Harmutty
Well rounded and creamy with no astringency. Try it in the morning and wake up to this reviving classic Assam tea.
Assam G.F.B.O.P. -Orangajuli
A superb Assam tea from the Orangajuli  plantations. This hearty tea has a broken leaf laced with the classic golden tips. Often drunk with milk but I think best strong and black, to get all those malty tones on your tongue.
Assam P.F.1. – Rajmai
Very small leaf. A 'stand your spoon in' gutsy style tea
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Assam T.G.F.O.P – Dejoo
A fragrant whole leaf tea, yielding rich malty tones with an almost honey sweetness making it a smooth and delicious cuppa.
Assam teabags
Strong and malty flavoursome black tea. Grown in the lowlands of Bengal.
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Assam G.B.O.P. – Khongea
A fine broken-leaf Assam, with smooth malty notes and a rich, mellow finish.
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Nilgiri Tiger Hill B.O.P. – Kerala
A bright broken leaf tea from the blue mountains (Nilgiri). Smooth with a refreshing sweetness and notes of vanilla.