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China Tea

China: The land where tea began! Shrouded in mystery some 2000 years ago her teas are as varied as this vast country. Fantastic green teas from the mainland. Tantalising semi-fermented oolongs from Formosa (Taiwan) Traditional black leaves and superb exotic white teas. China teas tend to be light in flavour. We recommend to drink without milk.

As China produces so many of the worlds favourite teas we have broken them down by there characteristic fermentation’s thus
Black, Oolong, Green and “White” teas.

Please note that many flavoured teas are not located here if they are simply based upon a fine China tea. However traditional Chinese method flavoured teas such as Lapsang Souchong, Rose Pouchoung  and Jasmine tea will be listed under Black or Green China Teas respectively.

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Black China Teas

Green China Teas

Oolong Teas

China “White” & Speciality Teas