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China White Tea

White Teas are made from young leaves and buds that are steamed and dried. The leaves are covered in a soft layer of silvery hairs, their flavour is so very delicate and special. When brewing white tea, let the kettle boil, leave to stand about 1 minute before pouring onto the dry leaf, as boiling water tends to scorch the exquisite tea.

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Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) A large, feathery, almost silver leaf, its pale colour and magical flavour is elegantly spicy. Never drink this delicate and refreshing tea with anything else in our opinion. The cleansing power of its essences have been thought to rejuvenate the body for years in China. While we can’t claim to know the truth of that we can say that its favourite among the staff of Wilkinson’s for its relaxing benefits.
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Lunyun White Downy
A luxurious velvety leaf sprinkled with fairy dust. This magical brew is delicate and as soft as a ripe peach’s skin
Dong Ding Oolong (Taiwan)
A rich emerald green Oolong with a tightly rolled leaf that unfurls like a dragon's tongue. Its flavour has the most wonderful fresh-cut grass notes. A Wilkinson's favourite.
China White Snow Buds
A long twisted green leaf with silvery downy tips. A liquor the colour of a golden moon. Mellow flavour yet slightly astringent.
China Green Blooming Tea Flower
The finest young tips from the tea harvested during the Spring and are hand sewn around Marigold blossoms to create these beautiful blooming tea flowers. Makes for a charming and unusual gift as well as a fine cup of tea!