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Earl Grey Tea

There are many stories of the origin of Earl Grey tea. One popular one is that of an English diplomat travelling to China in the mid-nineteenth century, who so impressed the then Emperor, he gave his jealously guarded secret tea to him – Earl Grey. Who knows what the original actually tasted like!? Though it did contain pure oil of Bergamot (a strange citrus fruit now grown in Italy) We like to think our Earl Grey is one of the best; we get wonderful comeback and praise. With public demand for something different, new and varied, ‘themed’ Earl Greys are emerging, so be bold and try some!

Please note we do carry Earl grey un-tagged teabags as well here.

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Earl Grey (Traditional)
Fine black China leaf, a handful of jasmine and Darjeeling with only the finest pure oil of bergamot, this is the traditional afternoon tea (with cucumber sandwiches) best drunk black; if desired, mix with our Royal tea for a stronger infusion that will take a little milk or lemon.
Blue Lady Earl Grey (Violet & Vanilla)
Wonderfully aromatic, soft and fruity with a vanilla and violet flavour.
Lady In Waiting (Earl Grey & Orange )
Earl grey with added orange oil and zest, double citrus!
Blue Lady Grapefruit
Earl Grey with a most refreshing zing of grapefruit.
Earl Grey teabags
Another classic of the Tea world, a fine China black base Darjeeling and Jasmine teas delicately scented with bergamot oil. Will take milk if you prefer, but best drunk black.
Earl’s Passion
Earl Grey with a twist! A little zingyness of passionfruit, delightful!
Earl Grey Fumé (Lightly smoked)
China black and green tea, bergamot and a hint of lapsang Souchong result in an unusual Earl Grey of much fascination.
Gunpowder Earl Grey (China Green )
Pure green China tea and bergamot, very delicate but addictive!
Earl Grey (Decaffeinated)
Pure black Ceylon O.P with bergamot oil, refreshing and delicate.