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Herbal Infusions

As old as ancient folk-law, herbal teas are said to be beneficial for various ailments, though equally are simply wonderful for a refreshing alternative brew to enjoy. Sold in multiples of 25g due to their lightweight and best keeping properties.

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Rooibos ( South African )
Rooibos, the famed "Red Bush" of the South african plains. Makes for another exotic alternative for conventional tea here at Wilkinsons.
Moroccan Mint (Green China/Spearmint)
Green china impregnated with finest mint herb, it tastes best fresh and hot in a tall glass with sugar and a sprig of mint
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Pure Peppermint leaf, refreshing and delightful. It is said to aid indigestion.
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Lemon Verbena (Vervain)
Lemon Verbena is one of the lightest of the herbal infusions you will find you get a lot for your portion. But the flavour! Always worth it!
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Egyptian Mint (Spearmint)
Egyptian mint ( Spearmint) finely chopped to allow the rich cooling flavour to fill your cup.
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Camomile is a traditional herbal infusion. No shop could ever be without this longstanding favourite!
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Nettle has been used as a herbal infusion for ages, and we are pleased to be able to offer it here for you to experiment with as well.
Peppermint teabags (herbal)
Pure mint herb chopped extra fine for teabag use
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Hibiscus blossom
Hibiscus is often combined with Rosehip in commercial blends but this here is the pure form for the discerning aficionado of herbal infusions
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Rooibos Vanilla & Lemongrass
Vibrant and lemon Sherbert flavoured compliment the natural honey overtones of smooth rooibos.  A revitalising and refreshing infusion.
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