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Any tea merchant worth their salt will produce some skilfully mastered blends to suit our cosmopolitan tastes. These are our ‘House’ Blends. Some are traditional favourites done the Wilkinson’s way and others are unique to us here in Norwich. Try a sample of something particularly English from these fine Tea blends!232″]3]

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Norwich Blend ( P.F.)
Small leaf blend of Kenya and Ceylon, gives a rich malty tea to complement our horrid hard water in the east!
Breakfast No. 2 (P.F.)
Small leaf tea of Ceylon, India and Kenya gives a rich full flavoured honest cup of tea.
Emerald Isle P.F. (Irish breakfast)
Small leaf India and Kenya, phew! You can stand your spoon in this one, requires a big pint mug!
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Ron’s Choice (B.O.P.)
Mr Wilkinson’s favourite blend of Assams and Ceylons, ‘tis a rich and strong tippy tea with lots of flavour.
Breakfast No. 1 (P.F.)
Small leaf tea of India and Ceylon, a robust and pungent malty cup of tea.
Emperors Blend (O.P.)
A classic combination of Darjeeling and China, delicate and refreshing, best with lemon
Afternoon Blend (O.P.)
A delightful blend of whole leaf Assam & Darjeeling teas. The Assam yields its distinctive rich maltiness and the Darjeeling a delicate muscatel aroma. This light tea is best drunk black or with a slice of lemon.
Russian Caravan (O.P.)
Oolongs and black Chinas, light and slightly earthy.
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Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend( P.F.)
Selected fine teas from Asia and Africa blended to make a strong and refreshing every day brew. But with all the caffeine taken out! If you are a fan of our English breakfast blend teas but want to avoid too much caffeine in your drinks. You must try this latest offering from Wilkinson's of Norwich. Serve with milk and sugar if desired.
Mrs Kent’s Blend (lightly smoked)
The flower seller of Norwich's Old Elm Hill, this was Mrs Kent’s secret blend, quite mild and lightly smoked.
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