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Where’s the Basket?

As I said previously, it’s a challenge to have a website that can swap its look and feel depending on the device used to view it. In industry terms this is called a “Responsive” website.
I prefer to think of the term “Responsive” as how Wilkinson’s has always tried to be towards its customers.

I had a really lovely email today from a Mr Dewar, he was using a tablet to view and use the site and kindly placed an order. What his experience showed was that the Shopping basket does not easily reveal itself on smaller screens. Hence the trialling of a Summary Basket top and bottom of the page for now (The top one Only should show up if there is at least one item in it.)

So if you’re reading this I’d really appreciate those of you with smart devices to send in comments on how it looks/operates. I must perforce use a full size computer to program this and while I have facilities to simulate how it “Should” look on a small screened device. Nothing beats actually seeing it on the various makes of phone and tablet that must be in use amongst our customer base!

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